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[IMPLEMENTED] Integrate "update 1"
Hello friends I have a small query. I wonder if I can integrate the "update 1" by 8.1 Winreducer 1.04 I hope your answers
[ANSWERED] Cannot Apply Windows Update
Does anyone have any problem installing KB2962409 ( ) into slimmed-down Windows 8.1? My preset is as in this link: Thanks for your help.
[ANSWERED] Windows Update Issue
I had a nice image built up and installed it on my desktop and had a bit of an issue after I ran a Windows Update.  The update seemed to run fine but after reboot logon too 15+ minutes.  So I decided to reboot again and it was the same.  Is there a list o
[ANSWERED] Integrating .net framework 3.5 from ISO with update 1
Hi, I used to use winreducer on an AIO win 8.1 ISO, and used to integrate .net framework using winreducer, by ticking the appropriate option and pointing to the sources\sxs directory on the untouched ISO. However, I have a new ISO with update 1 alread
[SOLVED] integrating updates -> install.wim missing
hey winter, i downloaded via winreducer the following updates: Windows10.0-KB3081436-x64.msu and all x64. for net framework one question why is the net framwor
[ANSWERED] There isn't any download update button under systems for me for Win 7 reducer.
Hi, new user here, I am able to extract, and then mount, but when I get to the screen where it has "start, presets, Appearance, etc"  I don't see the update button under systems.  If I ignore it and just click finish and finish the process I am
[ANSWERED] No .msu Updates are Integrated
Hello All Only .NET Framework 3.5 that have been successfully integrated, but unfortunately, WinReducer v1.28 unable to integrate all of .msu updates into the .iso file of my Windows 8.1.1 Pro N x64. My WinReducer v1.28 settings on Windows 8.1.1 Pro
[ANSWERED] Windows 8.1 with Update (Retail,Professional VL,Enterprise) (x86/x64) - DVD (English) Out Will winreducer be compatible or will it require an update?
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[ANSWERED] installing updates windows 7
Through some tweaking I have made some findings which I don't see listed anywhere yet. I downloaded this program to slipstream windows updates. 1.Windows 7 does not contain the drivers by default to install from a usb3.0 port. 2. Certain updates
[ANSWERED] Support for official ISO with embedded Update 1
Hello, Does WinReducer support ISOs from MSDN with names like "pt_windows_8.1_enterprise_with_update_x64_dvd_xxxxxxxx.iso", which contains Windows 8.1 with Update 1 embedded? Thanks.
[ANSWERED] Update installation after deploying image including the updates
Dear community and winterstorm, I have created a custom Windows 8.1 Pro x64 image including all current updates from catalog 2015.10. After deploying this image to a laptop I had to download another 98 updates which were previously downloaded by
Windows 7 SP1 x86 update list
Method:   Original install then Windows Update; Disk Cleanup, Get list of installed IDs and compare with previous month Updated 8th May 2015 - 186 Updates Step 1   (in this order)   2670838        (Platform Update)   2841134        (IE
Windows 7 SP1 x64 update list
Method:   Original install then Windows Update; Disk Cleanup, Get list of installed IDs and compare with previous month Updated 8th May 2015 - 187 Updates Step 1   (in this order)   2670838        (Platform Update)   2841134        (IE
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