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Installing Android/ADB/fastboot Drivers on Windows 10 (Disable Driver Verification)
problems with the installation of this driver for my Sony Xperia Z1 currently no driver deleted with Winreducer not even in safe mode Video
E: Using Windows 7 to run U.B. Funkeys
cerberus wrote:I just wanted to let others know that installing on Windows 7 is possible. After a failed attemopt and talking with UB funkey tech support who told me it was not possible, I found this forum and was able to get it loaded for my DD! First
Drivers and Windows Update Integration
Hi, I am new to this tool. Currently I am done with all setup except for drivers and Windows update integration. Here I am to inquire about the steps: Drivers: Do I just put the driver files (.exe) in
Nvidia Releases Cuda Drivers 2.2 [Supports Windows 7 x86 & 64 Bit OS]
NVIDIA’s CUDA development tools provide three key components to help you get started: the latest CUDA driver, a complete CUDA Toolkit, and CUDA SDK code samples. Please download files and install them in this order: 1. CUDA Driver 2. CUDA
[ANSWERED] Remove all default Windows drivers and replace with DriverPack
Hi guys, Recently I sysprepped my Win7 Ultimate x64 and next I want to slim down my image with Winreducer. I want to strip it as much as possible but I'm struggling with the drivers to be removed. I would like to remove all default Windows 7 drivers
[ANSWERED] Re-add the Components and Drivers
Hi I  am currently using a Windows 8.1 modification: Windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro N x64 Lite. I downloaded from a Vietnam [CENSORED]. Unfortunately, the Windows 8.1 Update 1 Pro N x64 Lite is NOT fully working correctly for me, especially my Sierra
[ANSWERED] Integrate drivers tutorial
can anyone show me a link to a tutorial who describe how to integrate drivers in the win 8.1iso can´t find it anywhere
THERE must be a BETTER WAY......drivers and software
Hello,,,,,,,,There must be a better way?  My issue is not as much as installing windows10 or reducing it to a min.... Whats  causing me so much headaches and wasted time, is installing all my drivers and software. I end up spending 5-6 hours from start to
Optimizations - Windows WinSXS Files Cleanup (EXTREME)
Hello all, We could discuss here about folders and files which could be removed from the WinSXS and NET Framework folders to reduce even more Windows 8.1 ... EXPERIMENTAL BUILD (Skydrive link) : This my list of folders and
[ANSWERED] Removing of graphic drivers ?
Hi everyone, so my question is simple , like the title said and more precisly i have i doubt removing those drivers the 3 of them intel nvidia and amd i am wondering if i remove those i will not have problem in installing mine after ? like for example
EX-100 Fix - Telemetry Ressources
Hello guys, This is the 1st time I'm doing a request for my software ... So, this for a good cause, because I would like to create a WinReducer Component to fix the Windows 10 Telemetry functionalities ... So, could you please use this thread t
[ANSWERED] Can´t install original drivers on reduced .iso
i backup the installed Drivers from installed 8.1win with "double Driver", then i remove with winreducer These Drivers: Printer Scanner Lan Drivers (all) wlan Drivers (all) after install the reduced iso i cant install the backup Drivers
Run Windows 7 Ultralite on machine with less of 256 mb of ram
Hi guys, I want to install my Windows 7 Ultralite in a old PC: Amd Duron 900 Mhz  S3 Graphics ProSavage with 8 MB of VRAM (naturally no Aero) 75 GB of Hard Disk 248 Mb of Ram  This my preset:  Is there an options
[SOLVED] Windows 10 TP 10041 installation Error *loop*
when i click express setting or customize.It check internet connection and it restart frequently. What i missed...
Windows 10 Insiders Builds [ThresHold 2]
New Build 10525 is now available for insiders to download!:Windows 10 Pro Build 10525 x64 engl. ISO (3.75 GB) Windows 10 Pro Build 10525 x64 engl. ISO (3.75 GB) Windows 10 Enterprise Build 10525 x64 engl. ISO (3.67 GB) Windows 10 Pro Build 10525
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