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if (storedVars['var1'] == true in Rollups? will it work
hi, all I have this in my rollup: Code: commands.push({ command: 'storeTextPresent', target: 'Sign In', value: 'x' }); commands.push({ command: 'echo', target: 'Rollup:CheckSignIn. 1.User sign in =
True Story! A zombie eats a homeless man's face in Florida. :o
This is old news, but apparently a zombie was feasting on a homeless man's face in Florida last month and it took 2 bullets to his shoulders, 3 chest shots, and a head shot for the dispatched officer to take this zombie down. There have been 6 other
New here, my story
Hello fellow sufferers! I'm a 54 yo female and have suffered migraines since puberty. I've had new developments in the past 7 years or so and am curious to know if anyone has had a similar experience. So, here goes. There is a family history of
Cave Story
Cave Story is a great game created by the one man crew, Pixel Studio and is a really amazing Adventure/Platforming game. Story/Gameplay In this epic game you play as a human-like robot from the surface who has lost his memories and try to save the
A Success Story
My son just called me to tell me about his wife's friend from the D.C. area who recently came for a visit. This friend has pretty severe migraine disease. She recently had "migraine surgery" with Dr. Ducic at Georgetown University Hospital
Best Engagement Story Contest
Enter ContestView EntriesInvite Friends Prize Details The winner will receive one (1) Princess Cut Yellow Diamond Pendant surrounded by white diamonds in white gold valued at over $4,500! Contest Instructions Tell us all about your
Short Story Writing Contest *read restrictions*
Enter ContestInvite Friends Prize Details PreK – 2nd Grade Age Group Winner $50.00 Visa Gift Card 3rd – 6th Grade Age Group Winner $50.00 Visa Gift Card 3rd – 6th Grade Age Group Winner $50.00 Visa Gift Card Contest
Everyday Life: Win a $500 Cash Gift Card *US and Canada* ends 2/14/12
Contest start date: N/A Prize: A $500 cash gift card How to enter: Fill out the form on Everyday Life's website. Restrictions: US and Canada only. Must be 18 or older. Contest entry link:
I know the volcano story is becoming part of history.
But these pictures are awesome.....I love the lightning ones.
Review: The Last Story (Wii Retail)
Is this game a true masterpiece? Let's find out! Story: In The Last Story you take on the role of a band of mercenaries who aspire to be knights and uncover the secrets of Lazulis Island which are quite predictable to be honest, but that doesn't
Things to make a migraines sufferers life easier
The worst aspect besides the constant pain is the fact that it is such a hidden disability. Migraine sufferers are neither getting the sympathy they deserve, nor the help that is needed. Chronic migraine sufferers are usually looked at as slightly
too good to be true
i bought some vitamins in the US called Life's DHA energy Multi. I took one and my brain fog cleared up. I also couldn't sleep. It seemed like a a typical caffeine reaction and sure enough, caffeine was listed in alphabetical order along with the vitamins
WebArtz Story Writing Contest [Winner-Dawn]
WebArtz Story Writing Contest! Start Writing Hello Everyone This time we come with a new idea for the May 2011 contest. It is A WebArtz Story Writing Contest! What are you required to do? Just write an extension to this one paragraph
I think i am going to end my life
I can't live with this migraine aura , i am too frightened and nothing i try is helping, there is no cure so i might as well be dead .
'A Trail of True Blunders'
Every single hater, forker, hounder and Gonzo-worshipper should read and UNDERSTAND this: A Tale of True Blunders – The Investigation into the Disappearence of Madeleine McCann It's long, an
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