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How to get the element path like href
hi, i want to get the button's href value, this should return a href like "http://sitename/dev/auction/auction/view/id/ " can anyone help me that how can i get the page elements urls. Regards: Geek
How to locate dynamic element
Dear all, I am new to use Selenium and I have problem about locating a dynamic element. Could you please help me? Thank you very much in advance. Here is my situation: I have the following button id of which is dynamic so I cannot use its fixed id. I
How can we locate the id of a dynamic element using selenium IDE.
Hello, I would like to test the adchoice button that are coming along with websites that has the ads from adservers. but as you all know the id of the adchoice button is dynamic and so i can't get the id when i am playing back the saved test
Selenium IDE unable to identifydynamic ID of web element
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but found it quite helpful.I have an issue regarding Selenium IDE. I am testing a web page which has some web elements with dynamic changing properties. I was trying to click on that particular element but
Dynamic element id's in WebDriver
Hi, Recently i started learing WebDriver as my client that i am working for is planning to use webdriver for automating the web applications. I have a doubt regarding how webdriver locates the elements on webpage whose id's are dynamically changing
How to identify element using anchor tag text
How to select the below anchor tag without using href: Code:<a rel="nofollow" href="/gp/flex/sign-out.html/ref=pd_irl_gw_r?ie=UTF8&path=%2Fgp%2Fyourstore&signIn=1&useRedirectOnSuccess=1&action=sign-out">Start
Selenium Webdriver: Unable to Locate element Link method error
Hi Guys, While executing selenium I got the below error. Please help me on this how to resolve this error. 1) Error: test_untitled(Untitled): Selenium::WebDriver::Error::NoSuchElementError: Unable to locate element: {"method":"link
Work on already opened web browser
Hi, I am new to selenium, and learned that to work on any object of browser I got code something like this : WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); String urlgo = new String(); urlgo =
trouble finding element with xpath
Using IDE I am trying to dynamic locate an element with xpath. Its a text box where you would enter comments here is the source html in my IDE html code looks like this: store xpath=//input[@type='text' and contains(@id,
how to get the href or url of the web page with selenium ide
Hi friends, My question is: 1. I opened (my url is 2. just I typed "selenium ide" and enter 3. Now am seeing url as
How to verify all element present in application.
Hi, Suppose if you want to check your application link before start testing, you can do it with some commands present in RC. I am telling how to verify all links, button and input fields on the current page. I am telling you in java , convert into your
Selenium is not identifying iframes
Hi, I am unable to automate elements on some part of the page which is under iframe using selenium. but by using sahi(Automation Testing tool) i am able to automate.
Failed to locate the label inside a webpage
1.Test suite pointing to Selenium Remote web driver 2.Created tests using Java scripts; text fields, radio buttons,check boxes etc inside web page are identified using 'ID' at the lower level pointed by fire bug utility in mozilla fire fox 3.Each Main
How to pass XPATH as an argument in Robot class to locate an element
Locating dynamic IDs generated when a new Directory is created !
Dear Community, i'm Selenium Beginner and got a Problem. I began reading and using Selenium before 2 weeks and was amazed how much possibilities can be realizied with Selenium. But now i don't get on. My Situation: I want to test a ajax-based
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