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"a href not working on text if using faded"

How to get the element path like href
hi, i want to get the button's href value, this should return a href like "http://sitename/dev/auction/auction/view/id/ " can anyone help me that how can i get the page elements urls. Regards: Geek
How to identify element using anchor tag text
How to select the below anchor tag without using href: Code:<a rel="nofollow" href="/gp/flex/sign-out.html/ref=pd_irl_gw_r?ie=UTF8&path=%2Fgp%2Fyourstore&signIn=1&useRedirectOnSuccess=1&action=sign-out">Start
how to get the href or url of the web page with selenium ide
Hi friends, My question is: 1. I opened (my url is 2. just I typed "selenium ide" and enter 3. Now am seeing url as
insert text in a text box of the console
hi, i am a beginner, just started to explore the Selenium IDE. In my first trial, i tried to run against a web page that has a username/passwd text boxes that need to be filled before logging in further. Now, through the selenium IDE, how can i insert
How to verify text at specific location.
Hi, Verify test is most important aspect of any testing. But sometimes we have to want verify text at specific location not in whole page. For this use following command: storeText | Location of your text | variable name Now you have got the
Xpath for buttons not working in IE but working perfectly in firefox
I am clicking a button using selenium in firefox and it is working prefectly fine but in Internet Explorer it is not working properly. xpath for button is //div[2]/span/button[1] complete xpath is /html/body/div[3]/div/div[2]/span/button css is
Unable to enter text into the Code mirro text box
Hi, Am not able to enter the text into the mirror text box. below is the code that am using:                      
How to select all in codebox for phpbb2?
How to select all in codebox for phpbb2? Someone success with that? Please help me.
Unable to select textarea values using webdriver (controls are develped using BMC remedy software)
Unable to select textarea having more than 300 values using webdriver (controls are develped using BMC remedy software). above text area having all countries in the world. query: how to select required country name using webdrivers. Kindly
How to return the focus to original frame after entering text in tinymce?
My page consists of text edit "tinymce" and a submit button. I used the following to enter text in tinymce: 1) selenium.focus("tinymce") 2) selenium.type("tinymce", "input text") 3) selenium.fireEvent("tinymce", "blur") 4)
How to focus text box
In my application what script should i write My application is basically Test Taking Student gives fill in the choice answer and click on submit and continue button E.g What is your age? Text box will be there when student types:30 or any
Read text in TXT and store in Variable
Hi there, I have a script here that everytime before I run it, I have to manually type a purchase ID to store in a variable and click on Play to run the script. The problem is that there are days, that I have more than 100 Ids to type there and run, an
How to select click on text inside div by text
Hi, This is the problem faced by one of the selenium user that how to click on the div on basis of text instead of id. For example: <div id="MainTreeMenuTreeWebPanelMainTree_1_2"> <span style="padding-left:
Selenium IDE - contextMenu and doubleClick not working in smart gwt application
Hi All, We have a smart gwt application. You have a tree on the left hand pane and user can double click nodes in the tree which opens a tab on the right hand pane. We can either double click on the node or right click on it which opens a contextMen
Nothing is working to stop these migraines :(
I am absolutely at wits end with my migraines...I am almost 24 and have two kids... I have had them since as far back as I can remember usually 6 months or more apart (there was a time when I went like 5 years without one!) but in early 2011 I had my
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