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Popup chatbox for your forumotion toolbar
Hi everyone ! This was a project I was working on a few months back, but eventually ran out of ideas and put it aside. It's for appending a chatbox to the toolbar, so you can access the chat anywhere... from your toolbar ! I codenamed it
Hover for logo
Here is a example of what I'm looking for.
Hover Navigation Set
Font:  Lobster Font Size:  14pt Coffee colored navigation bar with optional hover buttons.  Primarily for light-based forums. The original design concept does not belong to me, I was merely inspired by the art and did my best to create my own
legend hover
Hi, I want to know how can hover your site from legend Use punbb
Rotate avatar on Hover
Rotate avatar on HoverDescriptionCopyright according...This tutorial has been created by Danieel and edited by Jucarese.The resoruce has been copied Under the permission of the Staff of FOROACTIVO.COM.The original tutorial can be found at this
[SOLVED] Image when hover on categories
Hi, is it possible to learn what code did u use to make this when u hover a category? my forum's version is punbb, thanks a lot
Mouse hover functionality using Selenium RC?
Hi, Can we test mouse hover functionality using Selenium RC? I read on some articles and came to know that RC have a drawback and we can not test mouse hover functionality using RC and to test that we would need to switch to web driver. Pls
{Solved}[punBB] Hover on the avatar
So how I can hover in place an avatar like this forum?
Display a Preview of Groups on Hover
This plugin displays a preview of groups when you hover over them on the legend, allowing you to quickly view a brief summary of the group. Click to view demo This plugin is optimized to work on any forum version, if it doesn't work for you please
How to create hover text in the forum links?
Many people are asking me so read this: It is very simple! What I'm talking about: When you hover the text(link) it glow! 1. Navigate to your Admin Panel->Display->Pictures and Colors->Colors->CSS Stylesheet 2. Add this
include login details in navigation hover
how to keep login, logout register in navigation with drop down menu i'm using phpbb2
Opacity or clarity on an image on hover
Opacity or clarity on an image on hoverDescriptionWith the CSS, you can make an effect of opacity or clarity on an image at the passage of the mouse. This is what we will learn in this tutorial.DemoCodeYou have to reply to this topic to see the code (avoi
How do I make the Affiliate button on hover like the rest of my images
How do I make the Affiliate button on hover like I the rest of my navbar images. Already tried this Code: #i_icon_mini_affiliate{width:82px;height:30px;background:url(
mouse hover doesn't work for safari and firefox browsers
//Find the achievements element without the number.  waitForElementXPath is wrapper I wrote using the function waitUntilExpectedConditions WebElement achieveCircle =
[HTML] Dropdown menu list (Mouse hover)
Tutorial: Dropdown menu list This tutorial will allow you to create a fancy drop-down menu list for your link in header. --> Tutorials, tips and tricks <-- Dropdown menu list 1º - Javascript Placement: All
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