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Heartbeat in Ear
Does anyone hear their heartbeat in their ear when they have a m? It seems like mine is more intensified when I have a m.
PFO Trial - next step was - ECHO heart test
Further to going forward with the PFO trial, I went for the Echocardiogram exam on my heart to see if I had 'the hole' so we could move forward to a possible cure. Well, I spent about an hour yesterday closely looking at my heart and my technician was
Pain in the heart area
I've been getting sharp pains in the heart area lately. Like when I bend into the fridge or get up from my desk. It feel like a bubble that needs to burst or something. Real sharp and I hold my breath or take breath shallow and wait until it passes.
Who Can Beat Mad Jim Jaspers?
Rules: No Omnipotent beings
Amazement As Particles 'Beat Light Speed' 170Comments 5:08pm UK, Friday September 23, 2011 A space scientist has told Sky News that there will be an "earthquake in physics" if it is true that scientists have proved Albert Einstein's theory of
Butterbur and heart palpitations
I have been experiencing heart palpitations every day for hours at at time for the past month. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what had changed in my routine, and it occurred to me that the palpitations have been occurring since I've been
Heart of The Universe is confirmed Universe Level
Marvel fans and or death battle debaters will claim such things that the HOTU or Heart of the Universe is a Multi-Universe,Multiverse,Multiverse+,Megaverse, and or Omniversal level power source but this handbook suggests otherwise. Source: The Living
Nothing But The Beat Sweepstakes *usa only*
Enter Sweepstakes Invite Friends Prize Details 50 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to receive a pair of tickets to the premier of David Guetta’s documentary ‘Nothing But The Beat’ Prize Eligibility Only persons residing in United
Close To My Heart Giveaway *Canada and usa only*
Enter SweepstakesInvite Friends Prize Details Close To My Heart is giving away a Cricut Expression® Machine to one random winner! Larger than the Cricut Create® Machine or the Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter, the Cricut Expression® Machine
Prayer request - possible heart attack...
Last night, I had what they think may have been a mild heart attack ---- I had pain in my L chest, and L arm (especially) and the kids took me to the ER. My blood pressure was 211 over 100 something, and my EKG was "abnormal"...They gave me an
YOUNG FOOTBALLER HAS HEART ATTACK ON PITCH Two-Hour Battle To Restart Muamba's Heart It took nearly two hours to restart Fabrice Muamba's heart after he collapsed in cardiac arrest on the pitch, it has emerged as he remains in a "critica
Neurological Headache Classes?
My PCP has aked me, if I want to attend a Neurological Headache Class: I am with Kaiser. Has anybody attended one? If so, what can I expect? My problem, the drive (45 minutes) on a good day is Ok, but a not so good day, it's too far. And sitting
eye/ cluster headache won't go away- help
Hi All, This morning, I got a pretty bad cluster headache around my left eye. I put some ice on it and that helped for a while- it dulled and went away. Well, early this afternoon, the eye headache came back- nothing helped- ice, medicine, I finally
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