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"a fire union decision was made while hal daub was away"

Fire Emblem: Death or Glory
FIRE EMBLEM: DEATH OR GLORY A new hack on FE7. A young soldier named Ragnar, who is a simple knight under oath to Azalia (country), is aiming to make a difference. Silvatica, a country that recently had a changed of heart, began its invasion against
FE7if ( A Japanese Fire Emblem Rom Hack )
Hi, can anyone make a list on how to recruit the new characters seen on FE7 if? Just make it simple and list down only the new one's with better stat growth. Thanks in advance! 
Fire Emblem Fanatics
As you may know, Fire Emblem: Awakening is my first engagement with the series. With that said, Awakening is all it took to transform me into a Fire Emblem fanatic. Seriously, this game is just that damn good! I honestly believe Awakening is the very best
Fire Emblem: Awakening impressions
The eShop demo is now available. After playing the demo, I can honestly say right now is that this is the most polish 3DS title I played so far especially when viewing on my 3DS XL. Newcomers will definitely appreciate this entry thanks to the option o
Fire Emblem (GBA) Discussion
The first Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem game releases on the Wii U VC tomorrow here in Europe lol.
managment by exception
this might be something y'all want to consider...these are from blackle search 'management by exception' if you want to do your own search-don';t know if they'll hot link. reb naw, they dint...they just came glommed or blackle for a
Ikan Sili/fire eel
contoh ikan sili yang banyak dijuwal Ikan sili api/fire eel ikan sili pola/tire track eel yang saya tahu : 1. ikan sili merupakan ikan yang berasal dari Asia tenggara, termasuk Indonesia 2. memelihara ikan sili tidak mudah, terutama karena
Personal Gaming: Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic
For those who can't find my latest review on Fire Emblem Awakening, click here My experience so far (I just finish Chapter 7) playing Fire Emblem Awakening in Lunatic difficulty on Causal Mode is demystify in terms of what I was expecting from this ne
User - Made Creations
Title: User - Made Creations Address: Language: English with Google Translate Brief Description: A forum that host PC game downloads created by the members.
Stress relieving, 8 minute music track by Marconi Union
Read an article about music that relieves anxiety today. Several studies were done and showed effectiveness. The particular track mentioned is called weightless by Marconi Union. Heres the link: Here's the article:
Death of Fire Emblem : Twin Blades?
So, a while back, Paran came up with an idea for a sequel to FE8. When I finally hacked THAT AWESOME GAME ENGINE THINGY, progress on this game spiked. After this, Klauk created a forum, which GC was invited, and he gave much input to FE8 and helped a huge
Hmoob Pab Hmoob
Nyob zoo sawv daws, Kuv tso qhov forun no yog tias nej xav li kuv xav lossis muaj lub tswv yim zoo thiab pom qhov yuav cov nyom no los qhia rau kuv tau nawb. Kuv yog ib tug me nyuam hmoob uas pom tau tias tseem muaj cov hmoob txom nyem heev xws li kuv
Things Made in Japan
There was a Japanese man who went to America for sightseeing. On the last day, he hailed a cab and told the driver to drive to the airport. During the journey, a Honda drove past the taxi. Thereupon, the man leaned out of the window excitedly and
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