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"a drawing of an ear with pencil colours"

Mind Blowing Pencil Drawings
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Drawing Contest!
Drawing Contest! Show your drawing skills, win the prize~ Hello Everyone We hope that you enjoyed the last month contest. Thanks for your participation and making each contest on WebArtz Forum very successful Here we come with a cool new
The Winner of Our Wii U Countdown Drawing Is Official!
Drumroll Please! We started a new prize drawing a couple days ago for those who posted their thoughts about our new theme and we finally know who the winner is! Kushina has been drawn as the winner! Please PM Rukiafan your Wii friend code along
Sean's Drawing Talent Come an take a look ^_^
Welcome to Sean's Drawing skills Preview: Guest ^_^
Which colours of Joy-Con would you like to see?
As soon as the Neon-coloured Joy-Con were unveiled during the Nintendo Switch presentation, I knew that I preferred them to the standard grey ones, and it got me thinking about other possible colours. The Nintendo 64 had a wide variety of colour
Advice for when you get stabbed
Here you go... comments welcome, but obviously not mandatory. "HOLY $#!%! I GOT STABBED. WHAT SHOULD I DO?" (see below for my ten basic recommendations) 1. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ideally you will either
The Drawing Event
Sooo the idea I came up with for this contest was to have you guys pick a character to draw from a certain set of MoH characters. (Basically just picked everyone's representative mugs woop--with the exception of L95 cause her character is SSS
Contest: Art Academy Christmas In Summer Drawing Competition!
Drawing Challenge! We hope you enjoy drawing because starting today through August 21st we're holding an Art Academy drawing competition where you can post a drawing from any Art Academy game that allows you to share your pictures online such as Ar
Ariat Volant Giveaway *uk only* Prize Details Win a free pair of Ariat Volant Riding boots, in your choice of Size and Colour To Celebrate the launch of the sensational new Ariat Volant, we’re giving a pair away! Choose from
Drawing vs Reality
Drawing vs Reality (Excellent) -Not done by me, credits to artist.
Feature: Post Your MiiVerse Drawings And Compare Them To These Popular Drawings Week 1!
How Do Your Drawings Compare To These Popular Ones? In this new weekly feature we will show you some of the more popular MiiVerse drawings and will allow you all to post your own MiiVerse drawings to compare your talent up against the best on
Poz. Evo po zelji novi post o prackama. Nadam se da ce biti zanimljivo . Posto ih pravim vec neko vreme, moja osnovna ideja je bila da prackama pridodam noz u prodaji, tako sam i naisao na ovaj forum i poceo ga proucavati. Vrlo brzo me *preuzelo*
Koj Tuaj Saib Duab Kos Zoo Tag Nrho
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