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"a bridge table a dimension table or a fact table"

How to select link present under the table using c#
Hello, I want to select a link present under the table. I try with different scenarios of but of no use. The format of table is : table is having four column and number of rows are not fixed so i use the below syntax to count the row
How to scroll in div/table?
Hi, I am new in Selenium IDE. My project is to test a Web Application building with GWT. I need to expand an element in side bar which consist of more than 100 elements. The side bar only shows 10 elements at a time while the target elements is at the end
How to get total rowcount of a table using Selenium IDE
Hi all, Is anybody know How to get total rowcount of a table using Selenium IDE. Plz respond. Thanks, Shradha
How to get selected an item from table by using select command of IDE
Hi all, I have to select an item from table by using select(selectLocator, optionLocator).......... of Selenium IDE. I have no id for selectLocator, so I can not specify selectLocator, please help me. I am stuck on this issue since a few days.
Retrieving number of rows in a table
Hi I am new to Selenium. I am using Selenium with Java. I would like to retrieve number of rows of a table and need to retrieve content of each row of a specific column to validate. I can identify the table only with "id" property. But that
[Solved] BBCode for table
Hey, how I can create table exactually like this one: Only with other images and background color, but that I can repair alone. Please help
how to store number of rows of a table
I have a table, how can I store number of table rows in an element through IDE command? Also I want to locate the table, but not through xpath here, becoz my page design may change later, but I know the table title which is fixed. After this text, I
table -div
Hallo, can anyone make my Table in a Div wert? This is my Table: Code:<table width="100%"summary="Die Tabelle zeigt die Info-Bereiche des Schiggysboard."><tr><td width="31"><a
Fatal error : Failed To Locate Necessary Table(s) To Make Adjustments
I got this error everytime my computer boots. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. It's.. FATAL ERROR : Failed To Located Necessary Table(s) To Make Adjustments Is there a way to fix the problem? I've been very frustrated with the problem as I
How do i get the ID or Xpath of Text from Dynamic table?
Hi, I have a dynamic table that has 220 rows and 22 col , out of which there are 2 col named ( LID and SVal) .I have to get the Sval for LID =2345 1) Currently i have got the Rowcount ;Rowcount = 220 2) Get the LID for each row for (i
how to locate an anchor tag which resides in a table cell
Hi, I have same 'Edit' link in 4th td of each row of table, how can I assert first Edit link? assertElementPresent | //table[2]/tbody/tr[0]/td[4]/link=["Edit"] or assertElementPresent |
Urgent --- how to get links under specific panel/ div/ table
Hi All, i am new to selenium i want to get all the links under specific panel/ div/ table for example ----------- there is left panel and right panel, both panels having some links now i wanna get only the links from left panel currentl
Selenium IDE Get Table Row Count --Perl
Hi, I am using Selenium IDE to write few test scripts, Now I am stuck with one problem, I am trying to get the table row count on a page, this table is a dynamic table which gets updated every time so before I fetch data from there I should know how
how to get cell data from table on webpage
Hi ALL , Can any one update me on how to get cell data from a table on a webpage. Like I want to retrieve a particular value from the calculator from a cell I am using selenium RC with java. Regards Viresh SB
IDE not recording click on table row (with jquery click handler attached)
I am using Selenium IDE to record some tests of my web app. In the app, there is a table of items for the user to choose 1. Each table row has a jquery click handler attached (which opens the page associated with that row). When I record a test, and
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