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"a bowen therapy treatment has made me feel worse"

Anyone tried Bowen Therapy?
I've been looking into natural/alternative remedies (albeit sceptically), and have found a lot of websites claiming that Bowen Therapy offers relief for migraines. This page ( describes a study of 3
NUCCA Chiropractors
Someone suggested this to me - actually swore up and down this cured her migraines. Just wondering if anyone had tried this out? I'm not sure of the theory behind this.
butterbur - gail
i got my swanson's brand in the mail and took my first dose tuesday. it cost $11 for 2 bottles of 60 each, including shipping. no response with first dose. amazing, as i nearly always feel some bad effect or other, with new substances. yesterday
ETC (electro-shock) Treatments
I've recently had it suggested to me (by a friend of a friend) that ETC treatments may help my headaches. I have friends who have had them for psychiatric reasons & have lost parts of their memories. (1 has short term memory issues for a few months
Lying Down/Standing Up
I am wondering if any of you feel better while lying down? Sometimes in the morning I wake up feeling pretty good, but within a couple of minutes after getting out of bed, the tension and pain turning on a switch. I cannot attribute this to
I'm on a (well to me) low dose of Topamax, and there is a side effect of depression. Do any of you take Topamax, and have had that side effect? I cannot tell if I get.. depressed?. I get weird side effects and I was just wondering if there was someone
Triptans don't work for me
Hi folks~ I haven't posted in a while but wanted to ask if anyone else finds that triptans do not work well for them. I have tried three so far: Imitrex, Amerge and Maxalt and they've helped maybe 20% of the time, even when I take them at the first sig
any positive experiences with a chiropractor?
I just starting seeing a chiropractor again recently for neck pain associated with my chronic migraines. I saw one (the same one) before for a few months and noticed a small overall improvement and he is very supportive of me and understanding. Recently,
feel guilty about disabling migraines
It seems everytime I plan to go with my DH to his dr's appt's, or anywhere we plan to go, I end up with a M & don't feel like going. After many years of this I can tell by the way he sometimes rolls his eyes when I say I don't feel like going that he
Mini-pill - progesterone only trial
Well I tried this for a month. My own trial, thinking that this might be a better birth control pill option, thinking that a steady dose of progesterone would be benificial over estrogine spikes. I got 1/3 more migraines. I'm going back to Yasmin.
infusion therapy- does it work?
Hi all, I'm going in to my doctor's office next week for 3 days of infusion therapy (what a way to spend vacation, but I'll be happy if it does something). Apparently this is supposed to help reprogram my brain and stop the cycle of my migraines. Has
Can Topamax be making me crazy?
I've been on Topamax for about a week now. I'm on 100mg. I've been getting increasingly confused and having memory problems.I forget words. I know that stuff is pretty normal for Topamax, and honestly it doesn't bother me that much. Last two days
Has anyone had effexor and it made you feel sad or Klonopin?
I've been on Effexor for the preventative for the migraines..I feel sad..not like myself at all. It could be the's making me sleep all day and night and I've fallen down quite a few times. My new neuro isn't listening..I just want to
Birth control pill? Better or worse with migraines?
Since I am going up to 150 mg of Topomax ( a dose I never thought I'd be on) my gyn told me that it would affect the pill. Then I had blood work done and my tryglicerides (sp, sorry) are high, so they suggested going off of the pill altogether. My husband
Brain Based Therapy
Have you ever heard of it? Have you heard of it working for anyone? There's a doctor in my area that I am getting a free evaluation with on Wednesday. He's a chiropractor but he says he focuses on Brain Based Therapy more and uses chiropractic tools
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