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3 year old Neck Pain
My daughter has been having temporary neck pain on the same side of her neck for the last 9 months. We have had a CT Scan and an MRI and everything looks normal. She will wake up fine at 100% but then an hour and a half later she will say that her neck
abducted four-year-old girl found safe and well
My friends, this was taken from The Mirror newspaper:
UPDATE: MISSING QUEENSLAND 3 YEAR OLD GIRL FOUND BY POLICE What a beautiful little girl.  May she be found now and returned to her family.  Tragic.
New Here - 9 Year Old Daughter with Migraines, Vertigo, Abdominal, Pounding Headache
Hello, my name is Sherame, pronounced like Jeremy with an S. My 9 year old daughter Lily was hospitalized in October 2011 when her red and white blood counts and platelets went dangerously low. She had severe vertigo, was extremely off balance and needed
Animal Girl Sex Com
Animal Girl Sex Com >
Couple McCann launches book in Germany
My friends, I received this through google alert: Madeleine´s parents presents book about their daughter in Germany. Couple McCann presents the book Madeleine at a hotel in Hamburg, Germany. In their book, they talk about the suffering and hope in
The Plank Vs Squirrel Girl
Who wins who loses and who wins? Takes place outside of the omniverse. No BFR Both Bloodlusted. Anyway I have a question where is the plank from I swear I saw the plank from some cartoon..
Meet moi, the random new-girl :3
Hey all! Quite obviously, my name is Raechel. Yeah, it's my real name and I think it's spelled in a rather weird way I'd rather not tell you my age, so I'll just tell ya that I'm young. Like, seriously. On to a different topic. I've been
Five-year-old April Jones Abducted In Wales 9:59PM, MON 1 OCT 2012 Police search for five-year-old girl, reportedly missing Last updated Mon 1 Oct 2012 UK Wales Police are searching this evening for
Child abuse in Portugal
My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper: it will be forced to pay 40 thousand euros in compensation Sentenced to 19
INFO: I/O exception ( caught when processing request
Hi, I'm getting the below Info in the o/p console, but indeed there is no interruption in the execution. I know it is just an Info message, I dont want this to be displayed in the console. How could I get ride of this. I did tried some work around as m
My Imperfect Girl [frozen]
WRITTEN BY yamapiggychan Every ordinary girl deserves an extraordinary love. Inoue Mao is just that girl. But what people don't always think of is... Every ordinary boy deserves one also. And she never expected to find it with
Klok's Anime Girl Tier List
I'm sick of discussing boring shit. After watching a huge batch of anime, I'm nearly ready to get back to anime reviews, but I'm also interested in thinking about whatanime girls are the best/cutest/my favorites. Oh, and you can make your own tier list if
Carly, an Autistic girl can type !
This is pretty amazing, brings tears to my eyes ... Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence Her name is Carly.
New here-3 year old with migraines
Hello, My daughter has been diagnosed with migraines for a few months now. She is currently taking a Rx antihistamine (sp) for prevention. Tomorrow is her 3 month check up with her pediatric neurologist. The meds helped for a few week and then she was
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