Zaj nphau Oso - Arlington - Washington - State

xiongchang at 20h34
Zaj nphau Oso - Arlington - Washington - State

......Suavdaws ntsia zaj nphau nroog....{Oso - Arlington - Washington - State}....Seb puas txaus ntshai os?
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  • Peb yog Hmoob, peb muaj txuj ci Hmoob, peb yuav tsum nco ntsoov txhawb peb haiv Hmoob.

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Xyoo 1966 nyob lub zos hav Zaj npuas nyob deb ntawm tus dej naj toos li 2 km lub caij ntuj qhib tshiab nyob ntawm tus dej naj toos ntawv muaj ib tug Nab loj (Zaj) twv Xob thaum Xob tib laim tus Nab tsa taub hau tib ncaws ces tus Nab ploj hauv dej kiag law
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