Beta Blockers for prevention of migraines?

jennyds33 at 23h07
Beta Blockers for prevention of migraines?

I went to see my Neurologist last week after having a pretty terrible reaction to Triptans (heart palpitations and chest pain). I had also tried Topomax but felt incredibly anxious/moody on it. He put me on beta blockers for the migraines. He also set me up to get an echocardiogram this week. He thinks that I may have mitral valve prolapse, kind of a hole in my heart. That may explain a lot of the migraines, my heart palpitation episodes, occasional chest [......]
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Hi, I just want to run this by you, and ask if anyone has had results from the old fashioned Beta-Blockers, Propranolol and Migraines. Not sure if I will go down this avenue but may if I can get no relief. The thing is the Dr I saw at the
Hi i thought i read on here once that taking triptans whilst taking the beta blocker propranolol lessens the effectiveness of the beta blocker, could anyone clarify this or was i dreaming? Many thanks in advance x
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I was just prescribed a low dose of it the other day after trying countless other migraine preventatives, but can't find much information about the use of this drug for migraines. I'm assuming my neuro has his reason, but I'd love to hear if others have
Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they have had success with a daily medication to prevent or reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. I have tried inderal/propaneral in the past and found it was ineffective. Merry
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