Migraines and Marijuana, and update

charmed quark at 15h11
Migraines and Marijuana, and update

I have migraine with aura apparently triggered by my cervical spine lesions, which are also causing me spasticiity and neuropathic pain. So my migraines may be caused by different factors than most of you.

I've been using Marinol, pure prescription THC (the stuff that makes people high), for over a decade to help control my migraines and spasticity. It works for me but I find the Marinol very unpleasant and it often triggers panic attacks in me. Because of [......]
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http://www.ocregister.com/opinion/marijuana-347866-migraine-medical.html Seriously, has anyone found that pot is successful at treating migraines? I have not heard anyone here say this worked.
I am a chronic Migraine sufferer and have cycled in and out of chronic intractable Migraine. With the impact of Chronic Migraine upon my life I have also contended with Depression and have found adding Zoloft beneficial. Nine months ago I began regular
Hi All, I haven't posted for a while, so I thought I'd give you a quick update. Good News: Dora is back from training and is doing really well. She alerts to the migraine symptoms as well as the fainting. She is actually a few minutes ahead of some
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