Horrible migraine- don't know what to do- frustrated (warning-vent)

sailingmuffin at 04h32
Horrible migraine- don't know what to do- frustrated (warning-vent)

Hi All,

I have an absolutely horrendous migraine. The kind that makes me want to bang my head against a wall. I just don't what to do anymore. THe pain level is around a 9.5. In addition to the migraines, the fainting is also pretty bad. One reason that I am so frustrated right now is that we can't pin point a cause for the fainting, nor have we found a good treatment yet. I am having a loop recorder implanted next week to see [......]
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It's taken me years to notice, but I get certain signs of a migraine starting. I don't get auras, but I do get the following: - itchy inside ear on the migraine side (every time) - eye twitches on the migraine side (every time) - dry eye on the
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Tired of feeling like crap........
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