IDE: gotoIf, checking storedVars for range(list)

dainova at 02h07
IDE: gotoIf, checking storedVars for range(list)

Hi, is there any way to rerrange my code so I can write it more beutiful:
this works fine:
gotoIF | storeVars['x'] = 'JAN' | target2

but can i use something like below specifiying the array(list of elements):
gotoIF | storeVars['x'] = 'JAN', 'MAR', 'APR' | target2 //it doesn't work for me

I can with this though (||= or, &&=and):
gotoIF | storeVars['x'] = 'JAN' || storeVars['x'] = 'MAR' storeVars['x'] = 'APR' | target2

Or [......]
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