[SOLVED] Slimmingdown Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) with WREX-81.v1.2.3.0 : offlineServicing Bug

home7ech at 17h27
[SOLVED] Slimmingdown Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) with WREX-81.v1.2.3.0 : offlineServicing Bug


Previously, i've some Trouble to "Slimmingdown Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x64) using WinReducer EX70 - v1.1.8.0 ?"

i'd also had some Trouble to Slimmingdown Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) using WinReducer EX81 - v1.2.3.0 ?

* Installation Result "Windows could not apply unattend setting during pass [offlineServicing]"

FYi: for Windows 8.1 Pro (x86) work fine with the same preset? [......]
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