[SOLVED] Windows 10 TP 9879 Error code: 0x0000605

home7ech at 19h22
[SOLVED] Windows 10 TP 9879 Error code: 0x0000605


I've some unsolved Windows 10 Pro TP Build 9879 bug:
Windows 10 Pro TP Build 9879 Description:
• FiLE: 9879.0.141103-1722.fbl_release_clientpro_ret_x86fre_en-us.esd <br>• SiZE: 2.16 GB (2.325.916.366 bytes) <br>• SHA1: 22136ED8A12CD9287B38245F2F8C416BAE17C257 <br>• MD5: 693FF3A292AD39A14142D8543CC654AE <br>• Decrypted with "esd-decrypter-wimlib-6" <br>

An error occurred - Windows Installation.
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