[SOLVED] winrar sfx archive + 7zip download problem

dedelamalice at 23h20
[SOLVED] winrar sfx archive + 7zip download problem

it is possible to add a silent install via Obbe for an winrar sfx archive ???


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hi i have a problem with 7zip. I copied it in WinReducer81\HOME\SOFTWARE but winreducer didn't find it i download 7zip v9.30 and dlll in this site: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?7z how can fix this problem? Thanks
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i have problem to add 7zip to WinReducer software, i have add all other software , when i try to add 7zip, i m not receive any error message but the Windows to chose 7z.exe open after 2 step. i have install lastest version of 7zip and the version before
Hello all, I'm new here and i'm trying to install winreducer 8.1 and can't seem to be able to install the ImageX and  oscdimg softwares, with the software detection. I click on the names it tells me to please wait... and after a few (5-10 sec) seconds
Hello, with the new WinReducer 7.0 - v4.2.0.0 version it is not possible to download new updates. The download URL from WinReducer http://www.winreducer.net/uploads/1/4/0/2/14027261/updates_70_ok.xml is not found. What is my problem?
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