Hmong and General Vang Pao in the Secret War in Laos 10

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Hmong and General Vang Pao in the Secret War in Laos 10

This is a Hmong name; the family name is Vang. Major General Vang Pao

Born 1931 (1931)Royal Lao Army Major General Vang Pao in Northern Laos in the early 1960s
Place of birth Xiangkhouang Province, Laos, French Indochina Allegiance French Indochina Kingdom of Laos Flag of Laos United [......]
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Description A look at the federal case against Vang Pao, the commander of CIA tribal forces in Laos in the Vietnam war era. Rare archival footage, insights from Bill Lair, Vang Pao's CIA mentor. ... Vang Pao Bill Lair CIA CIA Hmong Laos commentary
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