Feature: Top 5 Most Bizarre Characters In Zelda!

Reanfan at 03h47
Feature: Top 5 Most Bizarre Characters In Zelda!

Tingle Is Among Them!

 photo IamError_zps1a8040bd.jpg

#5: Error Error is an odd npc in The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link that just says "I am error" whether this is meant to be funny or is due to a coding error is unknown, but this character is strange enough to make #5 on our list!

 photo Happy_Mask_Salesman_by_Eniotna_zps3d19e493.jpg

#4: The Happy Mask Salesman This guy plays a vital role in the stories of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask and he is one creepy OoT character that manages to say something [......]
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